Your ideas, my words—shhhh, I won't tell anyone...

for executives
more money than time

Lightning in a bottle—You do the thinking, I'll do the writing.

You have a ton of insight to share and people want to hear from you. Your unique perspective and wisdom deserve a column at a major publication. There’s just one problem: 

You don’t have time to write, or you’re not a writer.

If you’re looking to enhance your personal brand, build a following, or start contributing to a column, you’re going to need help getting your ideas out there. But you don’t want ‘just some freelancer.’ You want a dedicated specialist who can speak your language, translate your thoughts, and communicate your stories and insights in an articulate and organized manner. 

This is where I come in. 

Here's how it works.


Let's talk! Tell me what you're thinking about, what your audience needs to know, and your angle.


I'll take the info from our chat and turn it into a story that sounds like you wrote it yourself.


I'll work with an admin on your team to make sure the post gets formatted and published on time.

Ready to get to work?